Complex Divorce Litigation

The emotional conflicts and issues involved at the end of a marriage can be overwhelming for most people. When people have built substantial assets during their marriages, the issues involved with getting divorced can be even more complex. Numerous issues can arise during a high-asset or complex divorce, including spousal support, timesharing, child support, attempts to hide assets, and other problems that can complicate the process. The attorneys at PurLaw have extensive experience handling the issues involved with complex divorce cases and can help to protect your rights.

Experience With Litigating Complex Florida Divorce Matters

Being involved in a complex divorce can be emotionally devastating. You might need to handle multiple issues while facing steep obstacles. In some situations, you might feel as if finding a solution is nearly impossible. If the issues involved in your divorce are complicated, you should ensure your divorce attorney can competently and confidently handle every detail involved with your case.

The complex divorce attorneys at PurLaw have successfully represented numerous clients involved with high-asset and complex divorce cases in South Florida. We understand the unique obstacles and challenges people can face when they undergo these types of divorces and are prepared to skillfully represent you throughout the process.

Our Approach

One of the distinguishing characteristics of PurLaw’s family law practice is our ability to handle divorce cases involving complex problems and to litigate them in court when necessary to protect the interests of our clients. Our attorneys have the extensive legal knowledge and litigation skills to properly build and present your case in a way that deftly addresses complex matters in a light most favorable to you.

Our firm partners with experts, including forensic accountants, business valuation experts, property appraisal experts, and others to develop critical evidence on the following types of issues:

  • Appraisal of real estate holdings
  • Valuation of businesses and business assets
  • Determining the need for spousal support
  • Valuation of marital assets
  • Identification and recovery of hidden or improperly transferred assets
  • Addressing problems of domestic violence and/or parental fitness

Our attorneys leverage substantial financial and business knowledge to allow them to address the unique issues involved in high-asset divorces, including those involved with real estate holdings, family businesses, retirement accounts, cryptocurrency holdings, investment accounts, offshore bank accounts, and others.

Get the Right Help

If you are involved in a complex divorce process that could attract media attention, our firm is experienced in protecting our clients from unwelcome exposure. Today, media exposure includes communications on social media, so we recommend our clients minimize their online posts.

PurLaw is an experienced family law practice that serves residents throughout South Florida. Our attorneys have built a strong reputation for our firm’s successful results and professionalism in representing our clients.

Our successful divorce litigation track record helps to protect our clients while keeping our opponents honest. Based on our reputation for skilled litigation in the courtroom, your spouse might be likelier to agree to a reasonable resolution to the outstanding issues involved with your divorce.

For more information about our experience handling complex divorce cases and our litigation experience in South Florida, contact PurLaw today to request a consultation.

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