Mediation, Settlement & Negotiation

The decision to end a marriage can result in significant emotional and familial conflicts. Disputes during a divorce, including those involving property division, child custody, child support, alimony, and other issues can be overwhelming. When a couple has accumulated substantial assets during their marriage, the issues can be more complex and include additional problems, including the concealment of assets, deceit, and others. While the issues involved in your case might seem insurmountable, the attorneys at PurLaw might help you to resolve the outstanding issues in your divorce, overcome the conflicts involved, and secure a full settlement through skilled negotiations or mediation.

Resolving Complex Divorce Cases

Complex divorces can involve multiple issues that must be addressed, and finding solutions can be difficult. When you have the help of an experienced divorce attorney from PurLaw, you can feel confident that every detail involved will be carefully handled and won’t be overlooked. Our attorneys have substantial experience handling high-profile and high-asset divorces throughout South Florida and understand the unique challenges that complex divorces can involve. In many cases, we can secure full settlement agreements on behalf of our clients, but we are fully prepared to litigate the issues in court when necessary to protect our clients.

We partner with experts when needed to gather evidence in support of our clients for the following types of issues:

  • Business valuations
  • Real estate appraisals
  • Marital asset valuations
  • Alimony/spousal support
  • Forensic accounting to identify and recover concealed or improperly transferred marital assets
  • Debt division
  • Parental fitness issues and parenting plans
  • Domestic violence

High-Profile Divorces

High-profile divorce cases require discretion. People who have extensive assets and high incomes frequently have privacy concerns when they go through a divorce. Our attorneys have extensive financial and business knowledge, allowing us to address the unique concerns of clients going through high-profile divorces, including such things as offshore bank accounts, extensive real estate holdings, professional practices and businesses, retirement accounts, and more. We also understand how to protect our clients from unwanted media attention and exposure.

If you are preparing to end your marriage and are concerned that it might be difficult to resolve, you should speak to the attorneys at PurLaw. Our extensive experience handling complex divorces and negotiating full settlements on behalf of our clients means we are fully prepared to handle the unique issues and challenges you might be facing. Contact us today to schedule a case evaluation and learn more about your options.

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